Christal Baker, BS Public Health, Certified Holistic Health Coach

14437 University Cove Place, Tampa, FL, USA

distance: 5,757 Miles

Christal Baker Do you find yourself asking why is my life out of sync and out of control.  Do you feel like you wear to many hats and have no identity besides why does everyone n

Sabrina Naseem

Basel, Switzerland

distance: 3,317 Miles

Sabrina was born and raised in Cyprus and studied in Hungary. Now she is an empathetic, experienced medical physician working in Switzerland and a supportive, open life coach (Nobl

Alok Taunk

CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

distance: 5,112 Miles

The first thing that you notice about Alok is his versatility of knowledge and adaptability to various environments; while the second being his eagerness to spread this to the seek

Outrageously Happy Relationships by Kavita J Patel

67 E 3rd St, New York City, NY, 10003


My name is Kavita J Patel and I am a relationship, love, and dating coach. Through my program The Parent Work™, I help my clients transform relationships with their families and

Bev Acton

London, UK

distance: 3,559 Miles

  Career and Life Coaching. I offer the Firework career coaching programme to individuals who are ready to make a transition and committed to change but for whatever reason are ex

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