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Personal & Executive Coach, Life Transition Strategist, Speaker and Author, Wallette McCall is founder of
AnotherLevelCoaching.com – a company devoted to the breakthrough success
of women going through life and career transitions.  Wallette was always
happy to be in her comfort zone.  Until one day she said to herself
“there has to be more to life than this”. This meant that she had to
overcome her self-defeating thoughts to make the transition.  That
decision led to the launch of AnotherLevelCoaching.com where Wallette
now spends her time coaching women through the fear and anxiety that can
be associated with transition.

Wallette personally knows how negative thoughts and emotions can
hinder people from moving into their destiny.  A lot of the time when
people want to make a change they don’t realize that fear is the
motivating factor that is keeping them stuck where they are.  Wallette
uses tools that she has personally used to help her propel past the
anxiety and accomplish her goals.

Wallette was trained by the Coaching Institute and the Coaching and
Positive Psychology Institute (CaPP). She utilizes the cutting-edge
techniques and tools provided by the research and evidence-based field
of positive psychology to translate her personal experience, wisdom, and
insight into innovative and results-oriented coaching and training

Wallette is also a Biblical Counselor. She received her counseling
certification from Christian Research and Development. Wallette was
commissioned through Glory of Zion International Ministries to the work
of the ministry in the marketplace as a Business of Zion.

Wallette has appeared at live events, on radio shows, written
articles, and devotionals for Power to Change.  Wallette is a
contributing author of the books: The Confident Woman: WE26_TheConfidentWomanTapping into Your Inner Power and Building a Business, Building a Life.        
building a business

Wallette’s  E zine, Breakthrough to Change, encourages and supports women through the many challenges of transition.

Wallette is a devoted Christian who grew up in Connecticut and now n39800204_30572441_448resides
in Georgia.  Wallette is the proud mother of one son, Durand. She
enjoys reading, classic Hollywood films, ministry and spending time with
her family and friends.


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