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I am a trained coach with many hours’ experience of coaching at all levels including senior management.   My purpose as a coach is to help clients to think differently about the issues they want to address, to get out of thinking ruts and set aside unhelpful behavioural patterns. This is like giving your mind the same benefits you would give your body by consulting a personal trainer.  


My own training enables me to work with people on their skills/behaviours, attitudes/thinking and emotions in order to achieve change and development.    I can provide profiling tools such as TIFF (Temple Index of Functional Fluency – effective behaviours), MBTI or TDI (Jungian personality profile), 15FQ+ (Cattell-based personality traits) where that is helpful, and I draw on a wide range of tools of techniques to help clients gain new insights into themselves so that they can make changes or find new ways to achieve their goals.

Typical situations in which I have coached clients:
  • Moving into a new managerial role
  • Managing change
  • Handling “difficult” members of staff or colleagues
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Managing time, stress, work-life balance
  • Making a career choice 
I now provide coaching alongside working part-time as a Staff and Organisational Development Consultant at Oxford Brookes University where I have recently developed and delivered an ILM Coaching and Mentoring certificate course and a new Leadership Programme.
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