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Simona has more than 20 years experience in business environment, mainly in advertising, marketing and business development. She has contributed to the growth of business in small, middle and large multinational companies, covering areas of pharmacy, FMCG and services. In more than 8 years in largest food and beverages FMCG company (Nestlé) she was leading number of management, project and improvement teams. She is a certified business and executive coach helping leaders improve their leadership and reach balance in their lives. 

G.O.L.D. coaching
Individual 2-hour coaching session on issues of further development of your company, according to a model developed by Gerard O’Donovan successful British business coach and CEO of Noble Manhattan.

Life and executive coaching
My clients find very quickly sense of their own ability to deal with their situation, using their creativity, knowledge, skills and wisdom and becoming owners of the solution. They take responsibility for the life and work situations, where they play an active role. They are more confident when making decisions, being able to look at the problem from multiple angles, they are able to manage relationships and prevent conflict situations or to solve them quickly. They are aware of their environmental goals and vision, and know their leadership style.

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