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Rohaizan Sallehudin

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Rohaizan provides a safe space for leaders, millennials and professionals to bring their thoughts and dreams to the table without fear of being judged, criticised, discouraged or chastised. The trademarks of her work are her unique blend of 30+ years of corporate and coaching experience. She connects with her clients at a high level of trust to create insight, collaboration and experiential learning and align strengths and values to inspire transformative personal development. The result enables peak individual and business performance.


“Deep at the heart of my coaching practice is my commitment to the
belief that life is about leadership. Discovering and coming to terms with
how we lead our lives, how we see our world, our values and our
strengths help us find clarity about what we want to accomplish, what options
are available for us, what changes we might choose to make and how and when
we are going to do it.

My brand of coaching is unique to me and my own transformative
experience as I lived my own life – as a young graduate with aspirations, as
a mature woman climbing the corporate ladder, as a seasoned professional
participating in, leading and influencing corporate change, as a spouse and
life partner, parent, daughter, sibling and friend, going through the many
different stages of meaningful roles and relationships.

Life is indivisible and when I help my clients achieve their own
personal goals and successes at work or at home, they develop a meaningful
outlook and become successful in all other areas of their life.”

Rohaizan is Creator of The Leadership Factor and Chief Executive Coach | CEO of TLF Global Consultancy PLT, a Malaysian transformation, leadership development and coaching consultancy. Some of her practice areas as an Executive Coach with leaders, millennials and professionals at GLCs, public-listed companies, multinationals, SMEs and startups include the following:


  • Executive Team Coaching and Development
  •  Leader Transition and Top Team Alignment
  • Leadership Development
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Mission & Vision Creation, and Alignment with Stakeholder
  • Cascading and Achieving Mission & Vision
  • Performance & Results Coaching
  • Transformation & Change Leadership
  • Culture & Behavioural Change
  • Values Coaching
  • Succession Planning Management Development
  • Executive Career Development
  • Executive On-Boarding
  • Executive Out-Placement & Reorganisation
  • Expatriation, Cross Cultural Effectiveness & Repatriation
  • Team & Group Coaching and Facilitation
  • Management Meeting/Workshop Facilitation
  • Work Life Balance


She is a Certified Master Performance Coach and credentialed ACC by the International Coach Federation, and holds a B Sc Economics and Master of Business Administration. Rohaizan has lived, studied and worked in Malaysia, the UK and the Middle East and coaches in English and Bahasa Malaysia. 

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