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From humble beginnings and being raised in the era of “Once Were Warriors”, childhood sexual abuse,  and leaving home at 15 years old to be a “party animal” from Sydney to London  and many countries in between, I was travelling the world.

 Then, in an instant my whole life changed.

 My journey is a very powerful and insightful  that leaves one thinking ” well maybe, my situation is not so bad after all” ….

 Traumatic Brain Injury and stroke at 29 years old in Sydney from which I was pronounced clically dead on the way to hospital and was then resucitated.  My Mother was told that …”if he lived, which was doubtful, Pete would be  functioning of 20% normality and would be left to live a life from a wheelchair.”  

Then, only three years later I was going to College from my hospital bed, then to University and beyond.

Along the way there were 25 operations,  I almost died in about 5 of them.

But today,  I live my life to the fullest , still studying and helping others with life coaching, literacy tutoring, despite these major disabilities!.

These events, based on the trauma of my experiences and the  profound deep seated desire to pick up the pieces, to develop and regain a sense of purpose, is what inspires Me to step forward to share my learning in the form of Professional Life Coaching 

I offer you my skills and experiences in a professional setting so that  YOU  may regain your sense of purpose.

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