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My name is Patricia Lopez and is a pleasure to be here with you. I wish I had found my Element much sooner.
Accompany, assist and develop people has been my best discovery. I love to share this wonderful journey that is to uncover our enormous potential. And I love to tell, reach more people better, share techniques, tools and the most advanced knowledge in neurocoaching to make the lives of all who so wish it easier for you who want to be able to become aware of their change reality and to be happy; and be able to deal with this ever-changing world.
First of all I am a mother, and also Coach & Mentor CORAOPS, Telecommunications Engineering, Diploma in Education and a member of ANE (Academy of Neuroscience and Education). And every part I’ve brought the best to include it in my briefcase Coach.
As in the lives of many people, my time came when I had to change many things. And then I began what we now call my yellow brick road. A journey that began when I decided to think of me a better person, I knew that change was not as wanted, broaden my vision and expand my comfort zone.
One of the first things I did was my son, being a mother was something fundamental. Then, thanks to my brother, I kept looking inside me and grabbed forces to think about what I wanted to do in the future. I wandered without knowing if what I felt had a name, I found Coaching and since then there was a series of coincidences or as we say in naming Coaching, synchronicities, which were guiding me through those yellow bricks today.
Being coach people about me, it allows me to be by and for them.
My other passion is education, I am a teacher and I’ve been training as a trainer, journalist and lecturer for many years of my career. So I understand that there is no better option than to give something wonderful education, the lever that allows you to evolve and be one step ahead of what this world demand today, the Coaching. I firmly believe in both disciplines, so said the Coaching Education is the great response and great life that needs to be our educational system where it should.
As an engineer, that of not knowing how and why things happen to me creates uncertainty. So it seemed important to add the scientific basis to coaching through Neuroscience and the enormous advances and discoveries that have been made in recent years. What it is really happening when someone discovers his potential, when someone achieves its objectives, evolves and gets extraordinary results when expanding its comfort zone and effective learning occurs? The answer is Neurocoaching, that explains with greater accuracy and thoroughness how and why it happens what we know that happens.
What satisfies me and makes me enjoy is to help people, professionals like me who want to achieve their goals, other ways to do things, change your reality, discover their potential, develop their skills and achieve success. Accompany and guide the parents and educators to address the educational and professional demands that opens ahead, discover the talent of each child and student, put a spin on teaching, classroom performance and finally start to have a new version of Education.

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