Nadia Themis

Nadia Themis

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Nadia Themis is an unstoppable force of energy! She is one of the most sought after motivational speakers & people. Her professional and friendly network sits all over the world.She brings people together, a perfect conduit even for the hardest cases.

She is trusted by global businesses, governments to design&deliver business growth,the most efficient corporate planning, interactive keynotes to inspire change,challenge thinking and accelerate personal & professional growth under her expertise as a performance coach and a corporate planner.

Nadia developed an approach for you.Which will transform how you perceive life&business,and transform how prospective clients and competitors see you.

Her 23 years experience as a Wealth Corporate Planner, living in Bermuda,Tunisia,Athens, New York, enriched her network and knowledge.Now permanently in U.K. 


Why she is an expert in building rapport with people?
She engages with people in a magnificent way because she cares and she is doing this the last 23 years. She is a solution finder when it come to performance and corporate planning.

Why work with Nadia?

She is an unstoppable force of energy!Nadia will unlock your potentials to becoming the higher performer that you have always admired. Through her TUTM ( The Ultimate Thriving Machine) program, you will perform better in business and in life. Meet her and you will have her sparkling energy forever.

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