Maryjane ( Jaya Lisa) Saunders

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Hello my official name is Maryjane, but I am commonly known as Jaya.

I have recently moved from Daylesford Victoria, Australian living to establishing life in BielBienne, Switzerland where I am proudly representing the Noble Manhattan coaching community as well as practicing bio dynamic craniosacral and Bowen Therapy. I also offer one to one coaching.

I have been a ‘hands on’ practitioner for 30 plus years, I’m an avid student of life and have a great passion for embracing alternative ways of being in this wonderful world that we inhabit

Are you feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with your self and your life? Is boredom / routine getting you down?

Are you feeling flat and low in energy and motivation? Is your body tired and aches?

Are you looking for something different, something new? Do you have dreams and aspirations which seem so far away?

Are you sick and tired of the same old, same old?

Have you ever tried reaching out for some good old-fashioned support?

I am Mature and Professional with lots of life experience, I have relocated 3 times to different countries and cultures, I have trained in many forms of body, mind and spirit practises, including remedial massage, somatic psychotherapy, pastoral counselling, mindfulness meditation,I have a diploma in life coaching and craniosacral therapies and am a master practitioner of NLP, matrix therapies and conscious hypnosis. I can offer you solid support and guidance. Navigation through challenging and difficult times.

You can see what I offer and more about me here www.jayasessentiallifeconsulting.com.au

I am available via Skype, FaceTime, zoom and or face to face in my practice in Biel-Bienne Switzerland

I offer several package options and I offer discounts, so please feel free to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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