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I have a strong passion to help others. Anyone can get stuck at some point in their lives. I believe that coaching is a magic key to unlock the potential of someone who has a desire to make something happen “NOW”. I love to inspire people and empower them to set better goals, identify their limiting beliefs and stay true to their values. I love to challenge them to open up to new and powerful possibilities. I like when I shift their attention toward changing what they really can control «thoughts and actions” by sharing tools and techniques. I feel extremely happy when my clients discover their talents and abilities in order to take ownership of their lives and live the life they deserve.


I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. I have been teaching mathematics for fourteen years in middle and secondary schools. I’m an Accredited Practitioner Coach holding a Diploma in Coaching from Noble Manhattan June 2019 and I am committed to personal growth and life-long learning in the coaching profession. I believe that learning is a continuous process that never ends

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بور سعيد الميناء/زراعة، Zahlé, Lebanon
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