Jenny Butter

Jenny Butter

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Jenny Butter is an Accredited Senior Coach with significant
experience in career and life coaching.  Jenny
became a coach after living overseas and witnessing stress and disillusionment among
the expatriate community. Wanting to avert this, Jenny uses coaching as a
preventative and maximising tool, and works with clients to become energised
and fulfilled, both at home and at work.

Previous clients have come from six continents
and have been from all walks of life: business owners to charity workers;
vicars to parents; leaders to volunteers; youth to retired people. She enjoys
enabling people to find their fit and thrive.

Before becoming a coach, Jenny worked as a BBC radio producer and
reporter. Prior to that, she was a PR professional with the international aid
and development agency, World Vision. She has lived in the Seychelles, Sri
Lanka and New York, and currently lives in West Sussex in the UK with her
husband and two children.

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