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Hi there.  I’m Jennifer. 

I’m a professional holistic life coach. Which is just a fancy way of saying, I can help.  
Earlier this year I left the corporate world behind to discover entrepreneurship, and explore what it means to me to really LIVE my life with purpose and passion. Some of those passions include: beekeeping, writing, creating, hiking, yoga, raising
chickens, and serving others in a powerful, meaningful way through coaching.  I recently completed a six month professional coach training with Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy (an International Coaching Federation accredited coaching school).
The last thing you need is more advice, and only you are the expert on YOU. 
As your coach, I don’t advise and I rarely teach. So what DO I do?  Well, to start, I listen.  Deeply. Then I ask questions to get you thinking about things from a different perspective. Together,
we will discover your dreams and conquer negative beliefs. We’ll
do this on many levels; from a mind, body, and spirit, perspective. This ensures your changes will stick for the long term. My coaching will challenge you to select
goals and maintain accountability. We’ll get you into action right
away. You’ll feel empowered and alive, and excited for the future.

I’m excited to speak with you about a potential coaching partnership!

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