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Executive Coaching Experience:

20+ years of broad business management experience allows me to play an important
advisory role on managing and leading across cultures, geographies and

managed total operations in Europe, UK,
the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia I have extensive experience in
business management, leadership and coaching. In consulting with clients Nick
has designed and developed services to support leadership development and
organisational growth in areas like organisational culture, team building, leadership
impact and
organisational effectiveness. I provide leadership and personal development services
to individuals who have recently been promoted, or soon to be, into general
management and a range of 
leadership positions.

Executive Coaching Style:

offer dynamic and Co-Active coaching for senior and soon-to-be senior leaders.
Agendas are set by the client over an open, confidential and informal first
meeting. After establishing a set of beneficial outcomes for the client we then
work, through face-to-face meetings, on attaining those goals. Metrics can be
set and feedback reviews arranged, depending on particular client needs.
Clients have access to me at any time, wherever in the world they are, or I,
may be!

lived in Europe, UK, the Middle East, Asia and the USA, I have widespread cross cultural
experience in business management, leadership and coaching.


I am an active member of The
International Coach Federation and a qualified Co-Active coach (ACTP)

I am a member of the Human Synergistics Global Change Circle (HSGCC) accredited using the Leadership Style
Inventory (LSI) LSI Conflict and Item Level Feedback (LSI ILF), Management
& Leadership Impact (LI/MI), Group Styles Inventory (GSI),
Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI), Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI)

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