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The Art and Science of Thinking –

When people are brilliant – “In the zone”, they have crystal clear purpose (Heart), which frees their mind (Head) to create elegant and robust plans which inspire them to execute (Gut).

Over the last 35 years or so I’ve distilled my experience as a scientist (over 100 peer-reviewed publications), university teacher, business owner/consultant, leader/manager, executive coach/mentor, inventor, kayak technique coach, and perhaps most of all, father and husband to create the powerful concept of ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENCE (AQ).

We are all at our brilliant best when we engage our Heart (EQ – emotional intelligence), then Head (IQ – intellectual intelligence) and finally Gut (PQ -Positive intelligence). A wonderful thing happens, time seems to stand still, we see incredibly clearly, we feel more intensely, and we act more bravely. This is our Adaptive Intelligence (AQ) at work. We’re in the “Flow”. We “Dance in the moment” taking purposeful, brilliant and brave action.

Persistently successful individuals, teams and whole organisations leverage more of their AQ more often, and for longer periods. The wonderful thing is it’s a readily learnable and practical everyday skill. People achieve more, teams work more cohesively, and organisations build high performance cultures centred on leveraging more of their people’s AQ.

I call this skill the “Art and Science of Thinking”.

Don’t worry, I’ll handle the Science, and I’ll make you a master of the Art.

I bring Adaptive Intelligence to businesses in three ways:

Individuals (AQ applied to Executive Coaching & Influential Presenting)
Teams (AQ applied to Alpha Group peer-to-peer Executive Boardrooms)
Organisations (AQ driven organisational development and performance)

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