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The Alpha Group has now arrived in the Fulham area aiming to assist local business owners to double their profits within two to three years. Colin Lindsay, 54, veteran skills trainer, business development coach and former Executive Recruiter, has been appointed as The Alpha Group’s Regional Director for London SW.
Colin said: “The Alpha Group is part of the global Noble Manhattan group, which has an outstanding track-record of aiding business owners to achieve significant changes and developments in their businesses.
“At monthly advisory board meetings, The Alpha Group members participate in workshops focusing on key elements of business development covering a wide range of topics, and learn best practice from other business leaders during intensive strategic design sessions.”
“They also receive personalised assistance in progressing projects and overcoming challenges through ‘mastermind’ sessions. During these sessions, fellow members and business leaders combine their collective wisdom and experience to brainstorm strategies and solutions, and drive their businesses forward.”
The Alpha Group’s CEO, Gerard O Donavan, added “The Group aims to assist business owners to double their profits within two to three years. That may seem ambitious, but Noble Manhattan has an established history of members achieving much more than this in many cases.”
Colin is now establishing groups in the Fulham, Putney and Chelsea areas for existing businesses seeking new growth and increased profits.
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