Brian J G Mitchell

Brian J G Mitchell

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My Name is Brian J G Mitchell.

I help Business owners with stress overcome challenges and achieve there desired goals by discovering their true potential and living the best life that they imagined.

My background is that I have been part of a successful family roofing business which is still going after 30 years and because I’ve lived through all the pains and struggles, ups and downs I am extremely passionate about helping others be able to avoid certain pitfalls with the wrong mindset or strategies

I was also in a Coma 8 years ago and was told by doctors I might never speak properly again, walk properly again and my memory might stay that bad forever, which after he told me that I must have forgotten what he said ( lol ).
Because I was giving a bag of tablets and asked to come back monthly.
I threw the tablets in the bucket and never went back to the doctor.

After 5.5 years of pounding sore heads and glazed eyes, one day I woke up and everything was clear; my head, my eyes: everything. It was one of the most profound and remarkable moments of my life.
How did I do it? My mum taught me the science of the mind before my accident and that thoughts become your reality; and life is a reflection of our inner beliefs so every day, no matter what, what I told myself “I am getting better” internally.

Yeah, I had bad days and the journey had its ups and downs just like most journeys towards a goal but I created that belief in my mind and it came true.

After 6 years I went to see a neurologist of my own accord and she told me I was the most remarkable recovery she had seen from where I was to where I am today.

I ran my first half marathon in Stirling this year and now I am planning a full one next summer.

Mindset is everything

Choose your thoughts wisely

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It’s a confidential peer to peer executive board room of experienced executives who are committed to helping each other solve difficult challenges, evaluate opportunities, and develop effective strategies for better professional and business performance.
Whether the question is operational, financial, structural or sometimes even personal, the group provides wisdom, perspective and accountability to help executives make better decisions and achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

The Alpha Group members are CEOs, business owners, and key executives of small and midsize companies with £500grand -£60M in annual revenue, representing nearly every industry. This diversity is key to furnishing a board of members at the highest level.

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