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My name is Beatriz, and I am a certified Executive Coach with an immense passion for empowering and equipping professionals to lead the life they desire.

 My coaching style focuses on achieving objectives, while managing change on an exciting, effective and respectful way. With a natural talent for generating enthusiasm, I build rapport, hold accountability and create a safe environment for each client´s unique progress .

 What can be expected from a blancocoaching process? In partnering with me, clients can expect to be challenged to go beyond average, explore their endless possibilities, be empowered to overcome the challenges encountered along the way and reach their objectives.

I  specialise in coaching:

  • Spanish speaking Expats, guiding and supporting them towards successful integration within their new culture, at a professional, personal and family level.
  • Seniors 50+ that are facing retirement, supporting and preparing effectively the transition to this phase,  focusing on developing a fulfilling goal while minimising the effects of the “Retirement Syndrome”, “the Experience of Nothingness” etc. 
  • Entrepreneurs and Executives, supporting them to reach their full potential and address any derailers.


 I combine my coaching skills with my extensive experience in Change Management at several multinationals to coach in the most effective manner and help you achieve the best results.  Having lived abroad for more than thirteen years, I thrive on diverse, multicultural environments, communicating effortlessly in English, Spanish and Dutch. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for more detailed information on my professional experience. 

 Looking forward to partner with you!

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