Barbara Roux-Levrat

Barbara Roux-Levrat

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is Europe’s #1 expert in teaching “nice women” to become sooo kick-ass
that they kick-out of their life all toxic patterns and create the life
they really want!

used to be herself a woman who was “too nice”, a co-dependent, and it
took a lot from her to get out of toxic patterns and a long relationship
with a narcissist.

biggest passion in life is to share her insights and guide, support,
and teach women to be free from all forms of oppression, to discover
their inner strength, and to build a totally new relationship with
themselves, which often leads them to find the love of their lives!

has helped many women turn around their lives, and she wants to help
many more!

She is a native of the Dominican Republic and has two wonderful teenagers: Christophe and Annabelle.

she has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Macalester College
(USA), an MBA from Edinburgh University (UK) and a Coaching degree from
the International Coach Academy (Australia).

She is currently the President of the Geneva Coaching Support Group for Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd.

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