Ana-Maria Mociofan


Ana-Maria Mociofan

International Happiness Coach

Professional Coach with Diploma, focused on personal and team coaching

Coach and trainer with more than 8 years experience

More than 10 years Management and Volunteering experience

Passionate about Happiness and Empowering Coaching

I am here for you, to find clarity by accessing happiness in everyday life, no matter what. The Happiness Coaching program is designed for Leading with Happiness in your personal or professional life,by peeling off the layers of limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and old programming—empowering you and your clients to unleash Happiness from within! 

Empowering means vision, identifying the inner core that gives us the strength, direction and implicit happiness. My mission is to open positive windows of your version of Happiness. If you feel you need somebody who believes in your dreams unconditionally, believes in the best version of you and is present only for you, then yes! You need a Happiness Coach!

We all deserve to be happy, we have happiness in us, it accompanies us step by step all our lives, it depends on us if we want to access it. A coach greets you with the happy question your answer needed to become reality!


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